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The new SunBox device dedicated to Boro lovers! 

REGULAR VERSION (plain back).


B5 is entirely made of 3D printed PA12 nylon: it's a light and slim device with 18650 battery capacity. Classic SunBox shapes complete the design of this device compatible with all Boro tanks and atties. 


- Mosfet Bomber Pro board by Omegavaper: mechanical mod with electronic control system
- nylon PA 12 body with plain back

- compatible with all Boro tanks and atties 
- 18650 battery space 
- back hole to pull out the battery
- front door with window to check the level of the liquid
- side holes for best air flow 
- customizable front door 


Bomber Pro Features: 

- 3 click: on/off or 5 click: stealth mode
- short protection / low battery warning 
- cut-off protection
- puff time protection
- reverse battery protection


Please download the product data sheet (you can see it under the price, "foglio dati prodotti") to get a digital copy of the user manual. 


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B5 (Limited Edition) B5 (Limited Edition)
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