BUNDLE Game Over 360 + SQuape S[even]

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This Bundle Edition contains: 

1x Game Over 360 device by SunBox

1x SQuape S[even] BF RDA by StattQualm

AT A VERY SPECIAL PRICE: EUR 350 instead of EUR 378.90 



Bottom Feeding Game Over Series device with DNA 60 board by Evolv. Powerful, ergonomic, customizable. It is equipped with the Cappy V5 bottle and the new completely sealed Rapido catch cup connection. 

-DNA 60 board by Evolv with USB port. Up to 60 Watts and customizable settings and profiles with Escribe application. 

-316 stainless steel bottom and top

-PA12 nylon body

-gun stainless steel (AISI 316) tube

-black battery cap

-gold contacts

-adjustable pin: the positive pin height can be adjusted for best air positioning (allen key included)

-peek isolators

-bottom feeding atty hole

-Rapido catch cup system with Cappy V5 Pro bottle: food grade silicone bottle with steel cannula and cap, almost indestructible, easy and clean to refill

-18650 size


Please install one of the included o-rings on the catch cup to

-avoid scratches 
-prevent the atty stuck on the base
-avoid dangerous high pressure on the pin
-seal the atty base and avoid issues with leaking atties
-give more stability to inaccurate threaded atties


Please download the product data sheet (you can see it under the price, "foglio dati prodotto") to get a digital copy of the user manual. 



The SQuape S[even] is a Bottom Feed RDA (rebuildable atomiser) developed and produced entirely in Switzerland by StattQualm GmbH. This bottom feed RDA, also called „squonker“, can be used as direct to lung (DL) and mouth to lung (MTL) as well as RDA without bottom feeding.
In bottom feeding mode, the liquid supply is fed to the evaporator chamber by pressing the liquid bottle in a suitable bottom feed regulated and non-regulated device. 

The SQuape S[even] convinces by easy handling, excellent quality, outstanding taste performance as well as its versatile air adjustment possibilities. The danger of short-circuits is completely eliminated by the smart current conduction and the non-conductive surface structure of the pressed-in deck made of ematalised aluminium.

Scope of usage:
We recommend to use the SQuape S[even] with resistances between 0.3 and 1.8 Ohm and 7 - 45 Wattages. It is possible to use the atomiser above or below the above specifications. Please note that the unit may heat up due to excessive power. This is just a recommendation.

• elegant and clean design
• easy supply due to bottom feeding
• stepless air flow control by turning the cap. DL and MTL separated.
• Two sides airflow. DL 2 x 4mm / MTL 2 x 1mm
• single coil operation
• Heat dissipation by additional Top Cap made of PMMA (POM included).
• Sealable bottom feeder port for use as dripper - RDA without bottom feeding.
• non-conductive components to avoid short circuits
• user-friendly handling and coiling options
• temp. control and volt/watt suitable
• 100% Swiss Made

– Diameter: 22 mm
– Height (without SQuip Tip and 510 connector): 20mm
– Weight: 30.5g
– Connector: 510

Here at StattQualm we feel strongly about what materials we use and therefore only the best materials make it into our atomisers. The following table shows what materials are used in the SQuape S[even]. Should you have known allergies to one of the listed materials we strongly suggest you do not use this atomiser:
– Stainless steel components: Steelnumber 1.4404 / 316L
– Top Cap: PMMA, POM
– Deck: Aluminium ematalised
– Mouthpiece and cap stopper: POM
– O-rings: nbr 70 shore

Scope of delivery:
1x SQuape S[even] BF RDA
1x SQuip Tip N DL
1x Top Cap Ring PMMA clear
1x Top Cap Ring POM Black
1x SQ Grip Band
2x Dripper screw plugs
Various spare screws and o-rings
1x Manual


Note: Please note that the base of the SQuape S[even] cannot be dismantled except for the two screws and the O-rings.



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