Cappy V5-PRO GO

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Fifth edition for the best silicone bottles on the market

PRO GO V5 = Game Over 3, Game Over A, Game Over S, Game Over LE and V2 latest editions (with rapido connection), BFly latest edition (with rapido connection). Please contact us if you are not sure about your connection edition.

ATTENTION: Game Over 360 needs PRO V5



After 3 years of developing in the Bottom Feeding  bottles market the fifth generation of Cappy is the most innovative and performing ever made

-SS tube

special design SS Aisi 316 feeding tube inside the bottle ensures the maximum control on the juice and best taste


a convenient and practical "head" allows you to interchange the already owned bottles from one model to another -Models available in 4 options, the Cappy V5 is the most complete solution on the market

-Basic = classic silicone tube design

-PRO = with RAPIDO connection Catch cup it is the  most compact solution on the market

-PRO GO = Game Over style with RAPIDO connection (except Game Over 360)




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Silicone for Cappy V5 Silicone for Cappy V5
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