GAMEOVER A - Plain tube

GAMEOVER A - Plain tube

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After the stunning success of the Game Over S, we are proud to introduce you the Game Over A

-Aulus 50 chip 1.3 Version by Omegavaper (Bomber creator), featuring:

-Four different monitoring modes:

* Voltage setting: Ranges from 1.0V to 9.9V with 0.1V step

* Wattage setting: Ranges from 5.0W to 50.0W with 0.1W step

* Mech-Simulator: Output Volts = Input Volts

* Temperature-Control:

--> Range° C (100 to 300) or ° F (212 to 572) with 1.0 ° step

--> Joule range from 5.0J to 50.0J with 0.1J step.

--> Management of 15 coil materials plus customized coil with coefficient set by the user

-Atom reading in the range of 0.10Ω to 4.0Ω with centesimal accuracy

- Variable Booster in 90 possible modes

- Adjustable puff-time with ranging from 5 to 20 seconds

- Adjustable battery cut-off ranging from 2.7V to 3.5V

- Power ON / OFF and automatic standby

- Overload protection (over-current)

- Output short circuit protection (Short-out)

- Reverse polarity protection (Reverse battery)

- Option to reset to factory settings (Factory-defaults)

-V5 Rapido System equipped with new Cappy V5 bottle and the new completly sealed Rapido catch cup connection


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