GAMEOVER S - Brass Diamond cut

GAMEOVER S - Brass Diamond cut

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SunBox + I'M

made with the cooperation of Alessandro Bisori (I'M) Infinity Mods and based on successfull     "Game Over design"

-V5 Rapido System equipped with new Cappy V5 bottle and the new completly sealed Rapido catch cup connection

-Bomber PRO SCREAM feautures

-Maximum supply to 32A

-Automatic and manual atom detection from 0.15Ω to 2.0Ω with decimal precision

-Supply time limit from 5 to 20 seconds

-Battery Cut-off from 2.7V to 3.5V

-Automatic standby

-Over current protection

-Short out protection

-Reverse battery protection Three languages (English, French, Italian) 180° Display Rotation for left-handed people Display Brightness Adjustment Possibility to reset to factory defaults 

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