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Zero Nega 2 18500, for the first time in TOTAL BLACK COLOR including 2 DIAMOND CUT TUBES (1x black aluminum and 1x steel) at a SPECIAL PRICE: 

- 18500 size Zero Nega 2
- total black (aluminum base and 3D printed body)
- 1x diamond cut black aluminum tube (already assembled)
- 1x diamond cut steel tube



-Dicodes Extreme V3 board: one of the most powerful and reliable chipset on the market, very efficent Temperature Control and very accurate wattage erogation

-black aircraft quality aluminum base

-gold contacts

-adjustable pin: the positive pin height can be adjusted for best air positioning

-peek isolators

-PA12 case

-24mm atty hole

-you can easily change tube and frame to switch from 18500 to 18650 or 18350 battery and back (body and tube for the other versions not included)


Please install one of the included o-rings on the catch cup to

-avoid scratches 
-prevent the atty stuck on the base
-avoid dangerous high pressure on the pin
-seal the atty base and avoid issues with leaking atties
-give more stability to inaccurate threaded atties


Please download the product data sheet (you can see it under the price, "foglio dati prodotto") to get a digital copy of the user manual. 




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