THALIA PRO - 3D Print Body

Attualmente non disponibile

R.S.S. + SUNBOX made with the cooperation of Renato Molena (R.S.S.) and based on the original Thalia design

-SS 316 parts Stainless steel AISI 316 top and bottom milled part to ensure best performance

-V5 Rapido System equipped with Cappy V5 silicone bottle and the new completely sealed RAPIDO catch cup connection

-body change Main body can be chosen from different materials and finishings ( Ultem - 3d Print Nylon - Stabilized wood - Hybrid wood )

Bomber PRO feautures :

-3 click: on/off or 5 click: stealth mode

-short protection/low battery warning

-cut off protection

-puff time protection

-reverse battery protection 

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